Boys Volleyball

2018 – TBA

Get eligibility into 48hours before first game.

Regulations: NCAA-Football-Regs-Boys-2018



NCAA vs NRHSAA Zone play offs  – 2017 – Bolded teams are  winners

Junior: Nov. 15th – (Zone 4 AA-Challenge? Nov. 20th if needed) – most games 3pm

Zone 3- Jr AA-Notre Dame home to Myer

Zone 4- Jr A – Saint Francis home to T.S.S  (Nov. 14th)              Jr AA- Blessed Trinity home to Eden

Challenge: SWC @ Blessed Trinity -3pm Nov. 20th

Senior: Nov. 13th  – (Zone 4 AAA  challenge? Nov. 14th if needed) – most games are 3pm (Zone 4 SR. AAA TBC)

Zone 3-Sr AA- Saint Paul home to E.L.C                                              Sr AAA-Lakeshore Catholic home to Myer

Zone 4Sr AA- Holy Cross home to Eden                                          Sr AAA-Blessed Trinity home to S.W.C.-4:30p                                                                                                                   Challenge: Thorold @ Blessed Trinity -3pm- Nov. 14th

SOSSA-2017    zones 1 v 2  / zones 3 v 4

Jr. Boys A Nov.22 -Jenifer Priestman, Cayuga,905-772-3301,
Jr. Boys AA  Nov. 22- Brent Mergl, SWC,905-684 – 6349,

Sr. Boys AA Thur. Nov. 16 (17) -Derek Morrison, Cayuga,905-772-3301,
Sr. Boys AAA Thur. Nov. 16 (17)-Tammy Short, SWC, 905 684 – 6349,



Boys AA Nov. 24-25, 2017, Saint Mary’s, Brockville, 613-342-4911,
Entry Deadline: Nov. 18, 2017

Boys AAA Nov. 24-25, 2017, Forest Heights/SJAM, Kitchener, 519-774-6567,
Entry Deadline: Nov. 18, 2017



2016 results:

NCAA 2016 results are in archives on this website – go to schedule and results, then select a league and click on archives.