Concussion Protocol

Changes coming to the Concussion protocol for September 2018 as a result of Rowan’s law.


Developed to increase awareness and understanding of concussion, and the method and strategies to be used for identification and appropriate management. The module also includes strategies and resources to assist in the education of concussion prevention. This e-learning module is intended for all school staff including educators, administrators and support staff. For more information please visit:    – You will need your OPHEA username and password to access module.

Concussion PDF

C-2 Tool to Identify a Suspected Concussion

C-3 Documentation of Medical Exam

C-4 Documentation for a Diagnosed Concussion-Return to Learn

Concussion Protocol Overview

Concussion Protocol _Key Messages_ Background Information


Issue 5 Vol 1 April 2017 –    HOTLINE NUMBER INSIDE ISSUE

Sept. 2017 – From Parachute Canada and Niagara Region public health


New – November 2017 from Niagara Region Public Health and Emergency Services:

Concussion Prevention Resources and Services

*Fun-Team Up Speak Up Social Media Sport Concussion Prevention

How to Participate” Flyer PDF (Athletes)

“How to Participate” Flyer PDF (Coaches)

“How to Participate” Flyer PDF (Parents)