Family/Area-NCAA Track and Field


Family/Area meets to be completed by June 6th. 2019- Ribbons for Top 5

-NCAA meet June 12th,(13th) 2019 at  NOC – Niagara Olympic Club – more information to come – for Grades 6, 7 and 8

Winners from every area – TBC



2018 Family/Area dates below:

Lakeshore Catholic Area: May 30th – Lakeshore Catholic H.S.

West Wing: June 1st @ NOC

Saint Catharine Large: June 5th @ NOC

Saint Catharine small: June 6th @ NOC

St. Catharines Small Schools Scoring Sheet

Niagara Falls Large: June 4th @ Oakes

Niagara Falls small: June 6th @ Oakes

Welland Pelham: June 6th (rain 7th) @ Notre Dame C.S



NEW-NCAA meet June 13th, 2018 at  NOC – Niagara Olympic Club – more information to come – for Grades 7 and 8

100, 200, 400 , 800 , 4 x 100, shot (6lb), long jump

Medals for the top three in all events (not the  4×100)… ribbons  for teams 1st-5th

There will be a small area and large area school champion banner awarded.


Meet Details :  NCAA-Track-and-Field-Meet-June-13th updated June 5th- 6pm – Rain or Shine!

Register your athletes on google docs. Your area reps have the link. ALL SCHOOLS AND ATHLETES NEED TO BE AT PRESENT BY 9:30AM-

Note: No spectators on the inside field, bathrooms are by the soccer fields, do not park on the grass, no dogs on premises and there will be a concession and food available.

Results: Top 3 – TOP 3 NCAA Track and Field Meet

Overall results: in order of: Grade 7 girls, grade 8 girls, grade 7 boys and grade 8 boys-these may contain errors or missing sheets.

NCAA Overall Grade 7 and 8 Track and Field results


2017 FOS dates below

Lakeshore Catholic area June 1st @ Lakeshore Catholic

Saint Catharine areas Track and Field – NOC club June 5th (Large schools) and 6th (Small schools) – Cancelled – rebooked for June 14th NOC – 

West Wing Track and Field – June 6th Liesureplex –

Niagara Falls – Oakes – June 7th – (Rain June 8th)

Welland/Pelham Track and Field – June 8th  Track Meet Outline 2017  – Note – Rain date – (Monday June 12th)