Family/Area Soccer

2018-most Schools to play in the Fall

Saint Catharines Area Oct 2nd Girls and Oct 3rd Boys – Jr level @ Pearson Park

Niagara Falls – Int. Girls Sept. 24th- Int Boys Sept. 25th rescheduled to Nov. 28th @Saint Paul

Lakeshore Area – October 22nd Girls:  October 18th Boys @ Young’s Sportplex Welland

Welland Pelham area Oct. 25th Large Oct. 26th small  Young’s Sporstplex Welland

West Wing: Girls and Boys: Jr. Sept. 28th, Int. Oct. 1st @  Southward Park


2019 – to be updated

Saint Catharine small: TBC

Saint Catharine Large: Jr Girls Soccer May 15th @ Pearson Park

Intermediate Soccer the week of May 22nd-23rd @ Pearson Park (finals are May 27th @ Pearson Park)

Niagara Falls Jr. Girls April 25th –  Jr. Boys April 26th – Saint Paul