2018-19 Special Olympics Information

Welcome back to another great school year. The 2018/2019 school year is set to be the biggest and most exciting year of SOO School Programs to date. We have a slew of new programs and resources that are outlined in our 2018/2019 School Programs Booklet located at https://www1.specialolympicsontario.com/schools/


March 22nd, 2019   2018-2019 School Qualifier Floor Hockey Tech Package – Final

March 5th Bocce Saint Paul 2018-2019 School Qualifier Bocce Tech Package – Final

2019 SOO Invitation Youth Games – this year, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Special Olympics movement, Special Olympics Ontario is hosting the world in Toronto! The 2019 School Championships is being run this year as the 2019 Invitational Youth Games. Teams in Ontario will still qualify through their local provincial qualifiers. You can also learn more at http://youthgames2019.com/.