Play Like a Champion

Play Like a Champion today views sport as a ministry, and challenges coaches and the entire Catholic school community to develop the whole athlete: physically, mentally, and spiritually. The goal is to enhance our Catholic school athletic experience.” 

  • Develop the skills and the morals of high school athletes
  • Maximize their athlete’s performance by setting targeted, appropriate goals
  • Understand the critical role that team community plays in sports
  • Instil a sense of accountability and ownership in their athletes
  • Recognize and address signs of abuse, including steroid use, bullying, and behavioral misconduct
  • Build strategic, beneficial partnerships with parents.

Play Like a Champion Today utilize the GROW approach:

Goals + Relationships + Ownership = Winning

Utilizing the GROW approach, coaches lead with the pastoral training required to coach athletes that succeed on the field and that develop into virtuous adults. The Play Like a Champion Today approach to coaching leads to an improved sport experience for all involved in the game.

  • Athletes experience less “burn out” stay active for more years in sports.
  • Coaches gain an increased sense of purpose and pride in contributing to their school’s Catholic mission.
  • Parents report greater satisfaction with their child’s athletic experience.
  • School administrators enjoy the benefits of professionally trained coaches committed to the Catholic identity of their school.

Play Like a Champion Prayer Book

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