NCAA H.S. Constitutions/play offs

NCAA CONSTITUTION 2016-draft components now official.

Please note the draft below is a working copy.


Coming soon – NCAA/NRHSAA  to Zone proposal draft to final.




Play off structure for NCAA

The NCAA will have a Junior and Senior league and play off structure.

Junior play offs will be held in all sports.

The top 4 Junior NCAA teams make the play offs with the winner being champion.

In Senior NCAA sports: the top 4 team will make the play offs with the winner being champion.


Play off structure NCAA to Zone

As of October 21st 2016- update

Going to zone- When only one team is going to zone from NRHSAA, the team advancing the furthest in the NCAA play offs will be the rep. There could be a seeding/qualification game for Zone if the two teams don’t make the NCAA playoffs. If two teams both get knocked out in semi’s, there could be a seeding/qualification game. See your Athletic Director for more details.

Jr. Zone 3 will have AA reps; Sr Zone 3 will have AA and AAA reps.

Jr. Zone 4 will have A and AA reps, Sr. Zone 4 will have AA and AAA reps.

 Zone Play offs.

There will still be a Zone 3 and 4 championship based on Zone and size of schools. If there is a tie to determine play offs, we will look at play off results, final league standings, then all tie breakers from the constitution. If the top two teams in a Zone don’t make the NCAA playoffs, then a seeding/qualification game may take place.

The top two teams in the NCAA and NRHSAA in each category and zone will then cross over and play 1st vs. 2nd  where first is home. If there is only one team from either NCAA or NRHSAA, then it will be NCAA 1st   vs.  NRHSAA  1st . There may have to be a qualification game played to determine zone play off 1st vs 1st when there is only one team from NRHSAA or NCAA and both teams don’t make the playoffs.

In cases of 1st NCAA vs. 1st NRHSAA., there will be a yearly rotation for home. In 2016/17 the NCAA will host 1st vs 1st female sports, the NRHSAA  will host 1st vs 1st male sports. We will rotate this every year. Only in the case of 1st NCAA vs 1st NRHSAA do we apply the rotation.

Any protests or sanctions in zone play will be examined by a joint NCAA/NRHSAA committee. This committee will be made up of 6 people, 3 from each association. A vote of 60 percent or more is needed to overturn any decision. Protests must be made immediately after the game on the game sheet. A meeting will be held then next morning. A fee of $50 (2 cheques:1 for $25 to NCDSB-Attention:NCAA + 1 for $25 to NRHSAA) must be accompanied with the protest.

If there are 2 SOSSA spots, there may be a challenge game. Coaches will be notified.  i.e. Zone 3 Senior AAA Boys Volleyball and Senior AAA Girls Basketball.

Note: Individual sports remain the same with an extra NCAA meet prior to Zone.


 NCAA league…NCAA play offs…Zone Championships…SOSSA…OFSAA!