Get your eligibilities into before your first game.

Jr Boys – NCAA championship – no Zone or SOSSA – see regulations below for Jr Boys.


Sr Boys Soccer

NCAA-Zone – Soccer – Boys – 2017-2018     Regulations


Zone May 28th 2018 – NCAA Boys host and NCAA Girls are at NRHSAA 

All games are Monday May 28th.

Zone                                 Boys                                                                                                                 Girls                                           

3AA         Cross/GFES @ Saint Paul – 3:15pm                                              Saint Michael @ Crossley- 3:30pm

3AAA      Myer @ Notre Dame 3pm – Youngs                                             Notre Dame @ Myer- 3pm

4AA         Simcoe @ Holy Cross – 3pm @ Simcoe                                       Holy Corss @ Grimsby -3pm



AA Thur. May 31st (1st) Tish Jefferey Glendale, 905-560-7343
AAA Thur. May 31st (1st) Frank Cappeletti Denis Morris 905 684-8731



Boys’ AA Soccer 
June 7-9, Tecumseh

Entry Deadline: June 2nd, 2018



June 7-9, Thunder Bay

Entry Deadline: June 2nd, 2018


Girls Soccer

NCAA-Zone – Girls Soccer -2017-2018   Regulations


 ZONE May 28th/29th, 2018-TBC


Sr. Zone soccer – boys and girls  Results  Zone Senior Soccer Play offs Draft 6  May  24th 2017  2pm – old



AA Thur. May 31st (1st) Jim Craig Holy Cross, 905 937-6446
AAA Thur. May 31st (1st) Jackie Brown Sherwood, 905-628-6339



Girls’ AA Soccer – Tecumseh, June 7-9

Entry Deadline: June 2nd, 2018


Girls’ AA Soccer (SWOSSA) – June 7-9

Stacey Ditchfield, Windsor


Entry Deadline: June 2nd, 2018